Secure Your Future With A Seed in Happy World Meal Gate

When I first saw this write up on Facebook I thought it was a joke until my Lawyer’s friend told me about it and added me to her group.
It still surprises me to see that many people do not believe that online business is the latest trending business now!!!
I got my food stuffs worth 73,000 and will soon be going on an all expense paid trip to Dubai just with N6500, something I can’t buy with N70,000 in an open market.
Christmas is around the corner!! Are you tired of buying foodstuffs, are you aware that Happy World Meal Gate is giving out foodstuffs worth 50k to its active members monthly with just a one-time payment of 6,500. Do you want to save your feeding money? My feeding budget has reduced. My store is fully loaded. Courtesy … Happy World Meal Gate. Join us today and be a beneficiary.
I always share the good news when I see one.
If you have N6500 just contact me via ‘07034420737’ and I will refer you for registration or click the link below and you will be happy you did…
Attached pictures just show that I am not joking!!


Money is a seed, do not eat all your seeds. Plant some of those seeds, when they mature, eat from your harvest and repeat the process. Wealth is not a jackpot, you don’t wake up one morning and meet wealth rather you deliberately plant it, water it and wait for it to grow.
Then remember to always repeat the process for it to continue flowing in.
INVESTMENT is the KEY. Be Wise.
Click this link to JOIN GROUP.

Author: posiworld

I'm Cosmas Onyekwelu, A Social Media & Online Marketer, Author, Positive blogger &Web Developer #Generalist

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