Happy World Gratitude Day

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t learn until recently that there was a special day celebrating gratuity!

September 21 is dubbed “World Gratitude Day.” It’s a day manifested to remind people of all they are thankful for. And it goes deeper than that. I think of “thank-you” as a surface sign of gratuity, all in good thought though. I challenge you to make an effort to show different forms of gratitude. How about mowing a neighbor’s grass for them, or picking up the mail and leaving it on the porch for them?

You could cook a dinner to take to an elderly person that doesn’t get out very much, or how about just taking the time to go sit with someone that is lonely and in need of company. The idea here is to make the special day more meaningful than it already is.

When you stop for a minute and think about all the things you are grateful for, it really is quite overwhelming, in a positive light of course.

I challenge you to make this day the first day where you begin focusing on showing gratitude in everything you do. Start off by completing 10 acts of kindness, making another feel special, loved and appreciated, and work your way up. This is only going to help you become more than you ever thought you could be. That is simply amazing.

My Thoughts . . .

You’ve got to start somewhere right? Having a “World Gratitude Day” is a fantastic route to bring recognition to just how important it is to acknowledge others for their positives, and to recognize and reflect in thanks on just how fortunate you are in life. Sure, we all face our challenges and not everything goes a smoothly as we might like. There will be some potholes that you hit and maybe even sections where the whole road has been wiped out, some of which is inevitable, but it’s how you choose to handle these challenges that creates your character and dictates whether you are going left, right, going straight, or pulling a risky u-turn.

Regardless, showing gratitude is a sign of who you are and all that you can be.


  • -Katie Lenhart

Author: posiworld

I'm Cosmas Onyekwelu, A Social Media & Online Marketer, Author, Positive blogger &Web Developer #Generalist

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