It’s your life. Not anybody’s else.

Life is a journey of constant growth and change. We are either growing and adapting to changes or we die. Death is not the most painful thing, the most painful thing is to waste your life without discovering and living your purpose on earth.

Most people live their live based on other people’s opinions & thoughts Some live their live based on how people see or look at them. Don’t live your life with regrets & excuses based on the past. Don’t live your life trying to please everybody.

Today is a new opportunity to live your life to the fullest and be true to yourself. If you are ready live your life to the fullest and maximize your potentials you have to lose negative friends, have the right mind-set, discipline yourself to follow the right path, meditate and listen to your inner gentle voice.

Life does not always give you a second chance. Most times it is now or never!


Author: posiworld

I'm Cosmas Onyekwelu, A Social Media & Online Marketer, Author, Positive blogger &Web Developer #Generalist

12 thoughts on “It’s your life. Not anybody’s else.”

  1. Have you read “the seven habits of highly effective people”? I think it is brilliant.
    Habit 2 is “begin with the ends in mind”. You have to visualise your own funeral service and hear what people say about you. It’s a great motivator for personal development!

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  2. At the end of life most people regret not doing the things they most wanted to do. Take that as a lesson and do all the things you dream of doing now. Don’t allow fear or anything else to get in your way.

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