Today you will Give yourself a fresh start, Put aside all that has gone wrong or didn’t work out. Don’t dwell on the past, it just creates more negative energy and more negative energy will only attract more negative events. So today give yourself a fresh start. Tell yourself that everything is working out for you today. Things are going nice and smoothly. You’ll be on time, and you’ll get things done.

You’ll impress your bosses and you’ll make the right choices. You’ll put a smile on peoples faces and you’ll enjoy the company of friends, family and colleagues.

Today things go your way and you’re going to enjoy a fantastic day – this may turn out to be your best day in a long, long time. So laugh out loud, smile at others, open a door for a stranger, give your spouse, child, mother, father or best friend a great big bear hug and tell them how much you love them.

All of this will create positive energy and you’ll attract more positive situations. When you go for a walk think about what you want and tell yourself everything is working out for you. Today is a great day – enjoy it. Make the most of it. This day will never come again – make it a special one.

You are worthy of having the finest success, love, happiness, peace, joy & freedom. ACTIONS become HABITS. Develop the HABIT of being ridiculously happy! Enjoy the HABIT of being filled with joy, filled with love, filled with peace and enjoying your life. Unlock your true potential. Go higher. Go further. Keep improving spiritually, mentally, financially & physically.